Planer / Moulder Pro-Series 412


The new CGI Pro-Series Moulder Planer delivers Precision, Power, and  Capacity to your moulding operation. Mould stock up to 12" wide X 4" thick in this powerful machine. Another unique feature for this type of moulder is the ability to mould up to 3/4" in depth from the top cutter head. This moulder brings the ability to quickly change between patterns and to be able to return to exact previous setups later. The digital  readouts on Height and width provide the ability to easily adjust and return to setups. With the double pin locking system in the heads, knives can be replaced  easily and securely in a matter of minutes. A wide selection of knives is available for this moulder as well, and with the 1 1/4" side spindles,  standard shaper heads can be used on this planer.

Two side shaper heads come with the planer, and two more shaper heads can be  added to provide 4" moulding capacity from the side heads. Side heads can  accommodate up to 5" diameter cutters.

The big innovation in this moulder is the ability to mould up to 3/4"  depth from the top cutter head. This is accomplished by an adjustable pressure shoe that applies steady pressure to the material being moulded.  This shoe is adjustable, so that consistent pressure is applied as close to the  cutting tool as possible. The pressure being applied is also variable as well. This opens up a lot of moulding patterns to this machine, and provides greater flexibility to you at a lower overall machine cost.

This is also the only planer we know that will plane up to 12"  in width in this price range. A powerful 7.5HP motor provides this ability to a wide top cutter head. You can also mould across this entire width as well as on the bottom and 4 sides! No other machine that we know of can do this! With the popularity of wide plank flooring and paneling,  this machine can bring new patterns into your inventory.

The Pro-Series 412 is built of heavy duty parts, designed for continuous use in an industrial setting. State-of-the-Art electrical components and circuits with overload protection provide reliable controls and power for the heavy duty motors. The frame is extra heavy duty and provides a solid base for moulding operations. The polished chrome table provides the least resistance  possible for stock passing through the machine.

This heavy duty moulder/planer features:

12" width moulding capacity
4" height moulding capacity
3/4" profiling depth from top cutter head
7.5 HP top head
5 HP bottom head
4 HP side heads
1/2 HP Feeding Motor
3-Phase 220/440Volts
1 1/4" Side Spindles

Take your moulding operation to a new level with the Pro-Series 412 by CGI.


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