Double Sided Hog Planer
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Spiral Cutter Heads
Heads are carefully ground and balanced then fitted with 4-edge (14x14x2mm) carbide knife inserts.
The inserts are staggered in helical slots with overlap layout. This produces superior surface quality, chip removal and low noise planing.
The 14mm knives can be turned three times before replacement. A chipped knife edge only requires changing one of these instead of the full 18 inches of knife surface.

double sided planer helical heads
Planer Slide Out Head

Easy Knife Access
The bottom head easily slides out after loosening the belt tension with the locking lever (below). This head can be set on a table for easy knife replacement. The top head is accessible from the top of the planer by removing the dust hood. This system allows long runs with minimal down time due to nicks in knives.

Belt Tension Lever
Swing away side cover allows easy access to the belt tension lever and the bottom head belts. Simply swing lever and slide belts off. Then the bottom head will slide out on the opposite side for blade replacement.

Planer Bottom Belt Tension Lever
Planer Control Panel

Digital Controls
Digital controls for thickness setting gives accurate sizing of lumber every time. Controller uses microcomputer single chip controller for maximum stability of control performance.
Thickness setting displayed in Millimeters or Inches.
Amp and voltage meters keep operator informed of load on heads and voltage conditions in your shops power grid.

Power Table Height
Power table height motor also has micro adjustment wheel for the smallest of adjustment to finished thickness. This gives the operator the highest level of control for precision work where close tolerances are required.

Planer Table Adjust Motor
Planer Thickness Block Set

Pattern Thickness Setting
Thickness can also be set from your sample. Simply place the sample on the sample block holder and lower table. Limit switch will stop the table at the correct thickness to match the sample.

Bottom Head Adjustment
Bottom head take off is set with a hand wheel. Take off amount is shown on gauge below. Depending on width and hardness of stock, up to 15 mm can be removed in one pass with bottom the head.

Planer Bottom Take Off Adjust
Planer Bottom Take Off Gauge

Bottom Take Off Gauge

Finger Carpet Feed
Spring loaded fingers keep a constant tension on material as they feed it through the planer for a smooth chatter free surface.

Planer Carpet Feed
Planer Carpet Feed Auto Oil

Auto Feed Oiler
Auto oiler keeps the finger feed system oiled for peak performance  and a maintenance free work day.

Chain Feed Drive
The chain feed drive system is equipped with a torque limiter. In the case of jammed material, the torque limiter will allow drive to slip until the machine is turned off so that the jam can be cleared. This gives protection for feed system parts for less down time and lower maintenance cost.

Planer Feed Clutch

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